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Believing that education is most meaningful when students find rewards in the learning itself, Indian Springs constructs an academic program that engages students’ minds and hearts and helps them become lifelong learners.
Our students are encouraged to think with analytical power, imagination, and creativity. Indian Springs offers no academic prizes or awards, and the school does not rank students or emphasize competition. Instead, we invite students to stretch and grow by exploring a wide range of subjects that will highlight and develop their talents, lead them in new directions, and help them grow in skill and confidence.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. - Eleanor Roosevelt

The world is changing at an ever-accelerating pace. Old modes of thinking and learning are being swept out as new ideas take hold - we ensure that our students are ahead of these changes and are preparing for their careers.  Together, we will shape a brilliant future. Indian Springs stresses development of practical skills through a variety of planned exercises and activities, both inside and outside the classroom, in order to enable our students to confidently compete with the rest of the world. No child is born without talent. We believe strongly in the multiple intelligence theory and carefully look for the areas of strength within each child.

At Indian Springs, we begin with the premise that all children are creative and, therefore, we make a sincere effort to promote and nurture this important aspect of their character.  We design our environment to be conducive for the growth of all children. We are confident that the myriad opportunities present in our school give the children scope to express their innovative skills.

We never subject our students to punititive treatment.  This is the reason that we have eliminated the old-fashioned ranking system which only served to force them into unproductive and ill-spirited competition. 

Our nine-point grading system evaluated their knowledge, while insulating them from stress. Are your children weighed down by their book bags? Indian Springs cuts down on redundancy and uses term books for classes I to V.  We assign homework to ignite imagination and creativity among our children; not to burden their parents.

We set ourselves apart from other schools through our invigorating seminars, debates, sports, games, craft projects, dramatics, and celebrations of national and social holidays.  Our school is responsive and vibrant.

The introduction of life skills classes during their second year provides our students with the basic ability to understand themselves and their environment so that they can develop the proper interpersonal skills necessary for happy living.  We teach our students to think critically, solve problems, make judicious choices, and to assertively reject unhealthy practices.
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