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Chairman Speech
Chairman Dr.Alapati Ravindra Chairman The education here aims at man-making, far beyond marks/grades. Keeping in mind, the instilling scientific temper in the students, we promote a genuine learning. The management & the staff provide ample opportunities and splendid occasions for them to grow into beautiful personalities and genuine leaders. We instil confidence in the students with our holistic approach in grooming the young minds to grow physically, mentally, morally, socially & intellectually healthy and wholly. The school runs on the premise that the student develops harmony of body, mind & soul, creating reason and desire. We aim at producing men & women of character and bring out the best in the child. Finally, we respect the uniqueness of the individual and help them blossom in their uniqueness.
Follow the chain of life and be human is what I meant to say for X. I mean the students, the staff and people around should try to understand the LAW OF NATUREthat as we are born, fed nurtured, pampered, perfected, looked after by the parents, like wise there is a time where parents look for our love, care, affection, perfection and they expect us to take them into our arms and look after.

God has not given birth, God helped you to come out into the world through Mother and Father who is Thyself. So respect your parents as you should and it is only the law. Abide by it and you excel in your path you choose. When you weren’t on your feet, every step they are ahead they looked back for us to see if we are alright, now it is your turn to look back at them in future. Life is not a life even you breathe but life is the life when you have parents around. That is understood where there is a vaccum without parents.

People admire NRI’s Indian Springs. Admiration comes from enthusiasm, interest and immense satisfaction. The school has become a sense of juicy sweet in the mouth. Till you put it in the mouth, enjoy it, chew it, swallow it, the Psychic inside is not satisfied. NRI’s Indian Springs is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Parents, Students even the other schools admire it. A smile on their face is what the school expects from the respective parents and their children. The school embraces the hearts of the state now and then with different achievements of students creating an enthusiasm and waiting for the school to do something special. NRI’s INDIAN SPRINGS workmanship is worth mentioning this Academic year. There is no stone left unturned along with the running time, we took a sprint and challenged the time that we could be a par with it. Our parent smiles and kids features reflect the satisfaction for the toil we did this year. A day didn’t pass without a perfect Assembly with creative thoughts and activities.

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